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  • Alton Towers – Fireworks #3
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  • Bournemouth – Boats
  • Bournemouth – November Sunset
  • Dave’s Stag Weekend
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  • Beetle
Open Wide

Open Wide


It looks like Theo is not too happy and is about to pounce on something or someone. In reality though there is not the slighest bit of aggression. He was just having a stretch.
I was just about to take some photos as he’d eaten a couple of days ago, so had been curled up in his hide and this was the first time he’d poked his head out. I needed another light source as it was quite dark in my office. Before I had chance to sort it Theo decided to reset his jaw right in front of me. It’s pretty common to see snakes doing this, especially after eating, but it’s rare I’m kneeling down in front of one with a camera in my hand. Managed to rattle off a few shots, but needed a high ISO and wide aperture. Didn’t quite nail the focus as I was caught on the hop.

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